Life Development Support Center, Inc.

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Life Development Support Center, Inc. has two Day Programs—one in Florissant, Missouri (N HWY 67), and the other in South St. Louis, County (Telegraph Rd). Both programs are open Monday through Friday / 9am-3pm. We serve St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and the City of St. Louis – participants choose which program is most convenient for them. Day Program participants gain assistance in aquiring, retaining and improving community-integration and life skills – to socialize and have maximum community experiences based on their preferences and needs.

Transportation, is provided and currently included in our daily rate for day services.


Life Development Support Center, Inc. Residential Services help persons with I/DD to lead healthy, safe, satisfying and fulfilling lives with friends, family and neighbors. By ensuring that each individual supported has a choice of housing, location, living arrangement, lifestyle and services. LDSC – will work with the person, family, guardian and other members of the support team, to provide the most assistance necessary to encourage and empower the individual, to achieve the highest level of independence with their environmental choices.