Life Development Support Center, Inc.

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About Us

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Life Development Support Center, Inc. has always valued the people we serve, and consider them the heart of our organization. Our dedication to supporting people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities (I/DD), to obtain access and opportunities that increase independence and inclusion, remain our primary objective – while diligently advocating for improved and expanded services, choices, and freedoms to enjoy a better quality of life.

The core of our agency’s services is the deeply held belief in the development of the individuals we serve. As well as the belief that ALL people can learn – in spite of ANY disability, and can make meaningful decisions, concerning their lives with the proper support – to help maintain the highest level of functioning, self worth and self esteem.

The current services offered by LDSC, include 24 hour awake-staffed, residential services in St. Louis City and County, and the St. Charles area. Day services – where participants have a wide-range of social, recreation, educational, and community-based activities. We also offer transportation services, including wheelchair accessible vehicles – available to those who require that, and other specialized services – determined by the needs of each individual. In order to continue to meet the growing needs of the individuals we serve, we are in the process of developing and adding services – to those we currently provide (TBA).

LDSC, believes that success depends on working together. This is evidenced by the fact that 75% of our clientele and personnel, average over 15 years – with our company. We will remain dedicated to preserving our family oriented traditions, values and commitment, to empower every person – to achieve more.

Life Development Support Center, will always have a responsibility to those who use our services – to always operate our agency in a manner which demonstrates adherence to high ethical standards, and our never-ending determination to deliver consistent, quality services. To always advocate for the rights and freedoms of persons with I/DD – and to demonstrate our commitment to these rights, by treating our consumers and their families with dignity and respect.

Our Mission

Life Development Support Center will always advocate for improved and expanded services, choices and rights for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. As well as support each person to have access to opportunities that increase independence, integration, inclusion, productivity and self-determination.

Our Vision

To support each individual to reach their maximum potential through increased independence, productivity and community integration, by encouraging their maximum involvement in every area of their life choices, goals and plans.

Our Values / Principles

**Always provide opportunities that improve the quality of life for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities** **Always foster an inclusive and mutually supportive environment** **Freedom and equality for all people** **Housing, employment, recreation and education available to everyone** **Always strive to empower and inspire self-worth and self-esteem** **Awaken our communities to the positive aspects of working and living with people with I/DD** **Aspire to improve lives, build relationships and create partnerships** **Compassion, Respect, Justice**