Life Development Support Center, Inc.

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Residential Services

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Life Development Support Center, Inc. Provides Residential Services – 

These services are comprehensive – our agency coordinates supports for individuals living in a home, owned or leased by the individual and/or roommate(s). The level and amount of support may vary depending on individual needs, and each individual is responsible for paying room and board.

Although all services are individualized and person-centered, our goal is to identify the needs of our consumers and to provide a solution – such as, but not limited to the following:

*Quality / Affordable housing

*Safe Locations

*Accessible – (disabilities, transportation, employment, recreation, shopping, etc)

*Support with personal care, budgeting, shopping and laundry.

*Most importantly – empowering individuals to obtain unequivocal community access.

For more information about our Residential Services, please contact us at 314-831-9440. We look forward to hearing from you!